Fire Department Patches

Fire Department Patches

For firefighters who see a lot of action, department-issued patches that appear on their uniforms must be durable enough to survive extreme conditions. And patches should look great too – firefighters are heroes in the eyes of their communities, and their uniforms should match the awe their fellow citizens have for them.

Likewise, the patchwork should be every bit as professional as the fire departments that wear them.Netpro Patches makes lots of custom fire department patches. Whether it's a traditional fire department patch with a Maltese cross and “scramble” or a unique design, quality will be unmatched. We can duplicate an existing patch or design a new custom patch.

We also offer custom patches with hookside backing as well as back patches with reflective lettering. Fire departments also use our stock patches, including paramedic, EMT and fire department back patches and American flag patches. We can also make Nomex fire retardant patches.

Netpro Patches’ fire department patches satisfy on both fronts: they are extremely durable and feature impressive, artistically satisfying designs that are exactly what departments are looking for. Overall, the patches we make for fire departments stand up to the physical demands of the job, and are custom designed with optional embroidering for extra durability.