How to play: Tips and tips.

Hustle Castle: Medieval RPG - Fantasy Kingdom is a fairly extensive idea of ​​how to manage your lock and fight with enemy armies. In some respects it reminds Clash of Clans, although our base and battles are presented in another style.

This mobile production is very popular, offering a pleasant and relaxed gameplay for everyone, and also can provide entertainment for online collision lovers between players.

In our guide for the castle of Hastle, we will present the most important elements of the game and explain how to deal with the initial stages. We will also give the best advice on other important aspects - the creation, struggle or acquisition of resources.

Like many mobile games, Hustle Castle begins with a textbook that literally keeps us by the hand and indicates which items on the screen need to be pressed. This is enough to explore the absolute basics.

However, it is worth paying attention to some elements.

First of all, regularly click on any badges that appear above the heads of your units in the castle. Also use the market area to create new rooms and maps to send units in missions.

During the game, do not forget to always check if you have any awards or bonuses to collect. Click on the book icon on the left, and you will open the prizes menu. Here you get rewards for the goals performed - often very simple.

General Tips and Main Tips

- Do not choose the arena immediately. From 5 level you can go to the arena to fight with other players. However, it is not worth using this option until you collect good equipment and do not get several spells. You must also have backup detachments in case you lose in the arena.

- Enter the game every day. Even if you do not have time or desire to play, it is worth turning it on for a moment. You will receive bonuses for entering the system every day.

- You do not have to be in the clan. Membership in the guild with other users does not give any remarkable awards or bonuses, so you can not worry about it at all.

- Be prepared for the invasion. Starting from 5 levels, your castle will be subject to attacks from time to time. This is another reason to ensure the correct development of warriors and the acquisition of additional residents as soon as possible.

Resources and gold can also be obtained in other ways:

As a reward for the implementation of missions
as rewards from chests
Like daily bonuses

It is also worth remembering that you should always use as much gold and resources (even for the construction of objects) until the end of the game. Thanks to this, you reduce the risk of losing more resources in the event of a successful invasion of another user. Betwinner Promo Code Enhance Your Welcome Bonus! BetWinner Kenya code promo is BWLIVE 《PROBET200》Get 200% extra bonus. 200€ Bonus With 1xbet Code Promo. 1xBet Sénégal Code Promo is 《PROBET200》Get 200% further bonus. Yes, you can enter our exclusive Betwinner Promo Code WINMAX. 1xBet Bangladesh Promo Codeis 《PROBET200》Get 200% extra bonus. 1xBet Bangladesh Promo Codeis 《PROBET200》Get 200% extra bonus. 1xBet Sénégal Code Promo is 《PROBET200》Get 200% further bonus. Yes, you possibly can enter our exclusive Betwinner Promo Code WINMAX.