Construction franchising is actively developing today, and young enterprises created using proven technologies are actively conquering the market in the regions. The businessmen have the main question that is associated with the legal intricacies of work. As a franchisee, you will have to pay income tax on your personal income, which is usually calculated monthly by your franchisor. The income tax rate for the franchisee depends on their location and other factors, such as the status of an individual or legal entity, etc. The agreement between the parties must be in writing, and the contract is subject to state registration. The event is carried out by state bodies at the place of registration of the User. To register franchising, it is necessary to provide a package of documents. Among the papers, one can note a statement of state registration with the signature of the applied. Documents that may confirm the authority of the applicant to commit registration actions will also be needed. The inventory of the submitted documents is compiled in duplicate with the signature put on it. If the construction company does not fall under any exceptions from the rule, then during the state registration of the company the businessman receives commercial and technical documentation, provides information necessary for registering the document. Franchisers are also constantly monitoring the quality of work, improving construction technologies and customer working techniques. Teaching, advertising costs cannot be ignored. For the provision of such services, the franchisee receives a small reward, which can be paid in several forms. In the first case, experts contribute a wepal payment (in the established amount). It is also allowed to control the quality of objects, the provision of constant advisory and technical experience. Today, professionals regularly control the quality of building materials and furniture. Forms of payment of remuneration are concluded in several versions. In addition to the weapon payments, entrepreneurs are ready to pay royalties, and it is also allowed to include the profit of the franchisor in the price of services or building materials. The margin on the wholesale value of the products is quite large, but the contract seems more profitable for the seller. "MOSTBET bahis şirketi Türkiye'nin en umutlu bahis şirketidir. MOSTBET, geniş bir şarj yelpazesi sunmaktadır. Dolaşım gününde fonların çekilmes" mostbet Resmi web sitemizdeki günlük promosyonların ayrıntıları