An important cave is a ban on squeezing acne and acne on the face, it can damage the skin and lead to redness. Specialists recommend to make breaking, and then remove the dirt with special pharmacies or homemade masks, about which and talk further.
Cleansing face with homemade masks

In order to improve the condition of its skin, it is necessary to care for it, not one-time, but constantly. It is possible at home to make wonderful masks that will help get rid of black dots and maintain the skin of the face in the proper form. For the cleansing of the face you can use a protein mask.

The recipe is quite simple: a protein of one eggs mix with a large sugar spoon, it is necessary to interfere with the complete dissolution of the second component. A part of the resulting mixture apply to the face, after drying, apply the second part of the mask, after that you need to begin to patted with your fingers on the mask, the procedure is carried out until the protein is completely drying, that is, the fingers will stop adhere. After that, the mixture can be washed off with cool water and moisturize the face with cream.
A similar mask can be used for problem areas several times a week.

Another mask, which can be cleared the face is a clay-based mask, you pick up a suitable clay and make a mask. For example, using white clay can be cleaned with problem skin. Powder is diverted with water or herbal decoction, in extreme cases, water and apply on the face. After drying, the mask was washed off and lubricate the face with moisturizing cream. In general, nothing complicated, such procedures do not take much time, so you can pay for yourself 15 minutes, which will be spent with skin benefit.

Warning methods for the appearance of black dots

All those measures that were indicated for the care of problem skin are good as a warning of black dots on the face. Do not be lazy to follow your face, to use cleansing masks and lotions in time, do not get involved in harmful products and those that are not recommended for use, For example, fast foods or chips, they only add problems not only with skin, but also weight.

You can make face care lotions on their own and use them several times a day, there are ways to breed the healing herbs and their freezing, so that you can subsequently wipe the face with a piece of herbal ice, it allows you to narrow the pores and get rid of small wrinkles.

Use the creams before going outside, and before bed do not forget about necessarily cleansing and washing the face, in order to get rid of the residuals of cosmetics and fat, which has been separated on the skin surface to avoid clogging of the sebaceous glands. Prase a week or scrubs. It is very useful to go to the bath, however, if you have health problems better consult with your doctor. Future Rocket Launch