It is a mistake to think that only money or valuable gifts are regarded as worthy rewards for diligent work or services rendered. Recognition and gratitude are also among the basic human needs. Of course, you can also express your appreciation to your manager orally, but a thank you letter would be preferable.

A thank you letter is a type of business letter.

It is drafted to: express appreciation to a manager from the team he or she leads. A thank you letter is a proof that you not only appreciate the effort but also take the time to put it on paper, decorate it nicely, and give it to the addressee. The addressee perceives such a letter as: a demonstration of personal respect and fair evaluation of merits; a motivating factor which confirms that the efforts expended and the conscientious attitude to the duties did not go unnoticed; a competitive advantage.

A thank-you letter: sample design

If a thank you letter is drafted for "internal use" - for example, employees would like to thank the Chief Executive Officer - a special thank you letterhead can be used. Such letterhead is available in colour and on heavy paper and can be purchased at any office supply shop. The middle field of this form usually remains blank in order to include a text for the thank you letter.

Thank You Letter for Chief Executive Officer

A Thank You Letter for Chief Executive Officer is usually written on behalf of the staff of the company or one of its divisions. In this case, the letterhead is no longer used, so the text should be written on a nice, but strictly designed special letterhead. The fact that a thank you letter is written to the Chief Executive

Officer should not mean that the text should be dry and formal. It all depends on the company's leadership style and organisational culture. But no familiarity should be tolerated.