The Nurse from Silent Hill

The Silent Hill Nurse has been terrifying to gamers since the very first installment of the series. It's no wonder, because this combination of feminine beauty and real creepiness is really impressive. At the themed party you will for sure be the center of attention.

To make a nurse's costume, take an old medical gown, cut off all the excess and hem it. Then paint it with strong coffee from a sprayer. To achieve a divorce effect, crumple the cloth, splash coffee on it and immediately dry it with a hair dryer.

You can make a mask out of plaster bandages - right on your face. Wrap food film around your head and put the bandage on top. Use PVA glue to reinforce the mask.

Astronaut from Among Us

Among Us is one of the most popular games this fall. Its characters look simple, but recognizable. However, to make a fully authentic costume will be just impossible. But you can try a simple version - to take a jumpsuit and paint it in the right color. Put a motorcycle helmet on your head.

The Huntress from Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game in which players are divided into killers and victims. Among the maniacs are both iconic villains from classic horror movies and brand new characters. Among them is the Huntress, a mad woman in a rabbit mask who has become the unofficial symbol of the game. Her costume would make a great outfit for a Halloween party.

Finding an axe wielder is not difficult. A gymnastic stick, for example, will do. The axe blade can be made from a material called EVA. Cut the blank so that the shape fits the desired shape, coat with primer, and then paint. A cheaper option is to cut everything out of foam plastic. But keep in mind that it is an extremely unstable material.

The easiest way to make a mask is from BubbleStar, the same EVA or papier-mache. First cut out the front base of the mask, then attach the ears. All of this needs to be primed and painted.

Mortal Kombat characters

House parties often have video game competitions. And probably the most popular of them is Mortal Kombat. You can take part in the tournament, being dressed as one of the characters.

The easiest option - Johnny Cage. Costume for him to collect at the nearest mall. You will need sunglasses, a sleeveless shirt, jeans and boots. Chances are, your look will be recognized just in time for the next fight. For a greater effect, apply a temporary tattoo to your torso. True, you'll have to strip to the waist to show it off.

Dante and Trish from Devil May Cry

Fans of slasher costume suit Dante from Devil May Cry. You will need a white wig, black shirt and leather pants. All of these can be purchased at your nearest mall. The most difficult thing is the cape. Making it yourself won't be easy. You can look for something in a second hand shop or even find a similar jacket and sew a leatherette fabric to it, which will imitate a raincoat. It will need to be painted with red acrylic paint. But if you want you can do without outerwear - the image will still be recognizable. Look for pistols in an actionball store or how to get midnight coup. The closest equivalent to Ebony and Ivory is Desert Eagle. However, one of them will have to be repainted black.