A bulletproof vest is a very important thing when it comes to your own safety. A good bulletproof vest protects you from more than just firearms. It will save your life from projectile fragments and the stab of a knife.

Today, there is plenty to choose from and what to choose from. Many bulletproof vests are specifically designed to fit the level of safety and security of law enforcement officers or people of high status in society. Military bulletproof vests are specifically designed for combat operations.

Concealed Vests

Concealed bulletproof vests are very similar to those seen on characters in action movies. They can be worn under civilian clothing. They serve as a valuable protective tool not only for police officers, but also for four-legged police officers people of high status in society, such as politicians and executives of large companies, wear them for safety reasons. The effectiveness of protective vests has long been proven.

At minimal cost, investing in bulletproof clothing is a way to ensure life, especially in areas where crime rates are very high. Protecting yourself and your life is reason enough to purchase such a vest as a nice addition to your everyday clothing.

What kinds of bulletproof vests there are

There are several types of bulletproof vests. The protection of the vest depends on its class and the type/size of projectile fired at it.

  • The second class of protection is capable of stopping a bullet from a Makarov pistol, TT, and provides minimal protection from smooth bore gun charges.
  • The third class will protect against an obsolete version of the Kalashnikov 5.45 caliber low-pulse cartridge and foreign counterparts, as well as guarantee impenetrability from smooth-bore weapons.
  • The fourth class of protection will stop a 5.45 caliber bullet with a heat-strengthened core.
  • Classes 5 and 6 have a higher protection class, but are uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, they are heavy. Class 6 body armor can weigh about 15 kg. And they are expensive.

Protection in a bulletproof vest is provided both by several layers of Kevlar fabric and by rigid armor elements (plates made of titanium alloy or metal-ceramic). The best variant is a combination of these two types of protection, when the armor plate is immediately followed by a flexible armor package. The piercing capability of this type of protection is much lower than that of a body armor consisting of only one type of armor.

Bulletproof vest technology is improving all the time. New and lightweight types of fiber are being developed that will save you from the bullet and not restrict your movements because of the extra weight. Good armor should not reduce your mobility.

How to choose?

In most cases, protective features and price are the selection criteria. Although the level of protection is quite high, you should understand that, there is no perfect system. It is important to buy a vest with the right level of protection for the activity you are planning. If you decide to buy a vest, you should not skimp on such things.