The real estate market is constantly evolving and requires an infusion of new service personnel. Realtors provide contact between buyer and seller, tenant and owner. The quality and efficiency of this professional's work determines the success of each transaction.

Specialists who work exclusively with rental agreements are considered the lowest level of the realtor shop. All you need for such an activity is to have completed special courses at a real estate agency and have a great desire to develop in this profession. Higher level of realtor skills allows you to work with sale and purchase agreements and with more high status objects (elite real estate).

List of duties of an average realtor looks as follows:

  • the search for a client;
  • search for a range of properties that meet the needs of the client (if we are talking about the buyer or tenant);
  • providing as quick as possible surrender (sale) of the object on terms agreed in advance (if the client is an owner);
  • preparation of necessary documents;
  • transaction support;
  • consultation of both sides;
  • earning a base of clients.

One of the most important stages of a realtor's work is showing the property. Real professionals can do do dozens of showings in a day. Often they have their own personal vehicle, which makes them as mobile as possible. During showing, the realtor should interest the tenant (buyer) by showing the most attractive parts of the apartment (office, warehouse etc.). At the same time you should not forget about the negative aspects. No one likes to be seen as an object of sales techniques. Naturally, the realtor is obliged to take into account the sphere of his activity and to use various professional techniques. However, such work should be done as correctly and sincerely as possible.


A realtor resume ( is required to have an excellent knowledge of current legislation concerning real estate transactions. Also, such a specialist must be able to negotiate at a high level and have the skills of an applied marketer. The list of important qualities for a Realtor can include:

  • physical and emotional stability;
  • psychological abilities;
  • purposefulness;
  • sincerity;
  • high responsibility;
  • clear diction;
  • pleasant appearance.
  • Sometimes a realtor has to work with foreign clients. This requires a good command of one of the common foreign languages.